is it just me or whenever i am on my monthly bleeding period, i ache as if someone shoved a bus up there or something horrible

i want to have a garden full of butterflies

hungry and horny are the worst combination of feelings

i want to go to a massage parlor and pay a cute guy to give me a back rub

you can never go wrong with sex and food

unless, of course, you get a deathly allergic reaction to the food or the sex is forced but other than that, sex and food is ideal

i love my blog

when i’m happy, i blog

when i’m mad, i blog

when i’m sad, my blog catches my tears

i wish i had the funds to travel around the world to see and experience other cultures and visit all the beautiful places the world has to offer

i live in a nice little city but i want to have an adventure!

i wonder what it would be like to swim naked in a pond with beautiful bright stars in the night sky

what if it seems like a good idea now but when i actually do it, it’s really cold and my nips get hard and uncomfortable and then i freeze to death in the water

when i die, i’m going to become a ghost and cockblock the people who have wronged me when i was alive

i’m the queen of wanting everything i can’t have